Book Review: Chevy at the Levee

By Lou Gallio

Lou Gallio writes this beautiful memoir of Pat, his late wife. His love for her and the life they lived together is heartwarming and interesting. In the pages of Chevy at the Levee he shares memories of their life together, that ended too soon. Her untimely death haunts the husband she left behind, with bittersweet memories and an emptiness in his heart that will never be filled. His memories are sharp and his willingness to share their life together in the pages of this book allows readers to enjoy Lou and Pat’s story.

Pat was born in Scotland. As a young woman, she finds work at the American Embassy in London as a switchboard operator. Lou meets his future wife while stationed in London in the United States Marine Corp. They soon became friends. Their journey quickly evolves into  becoming a couple and then a happy marriage with two children. It is an interesting journey traversing countries and continents.

Chevy at the Levee starts out strong. The first chapter foreshadows a problem with Pat. It seems she has something wrong, but isn’t willing to share with her husband or grown children. The suspense tugged at my mind while reading the book, knowing that something bad was going on with Pat, urging me to read one more chapter to see what would be revealed regarding her health.

By all accounts, Pat was an interesting, kind and loving person, tragically leaving this earth too soon. Closure is difficult to find when you love someone as deeply as Lou loved Pat. His life goes on, along with his two children, now adults, and the countless relatives they have in the States as well as in Scotland and other countries. But the space that Pat filled in his life will always be empty, with the exception of all of his happy memories he now holds closer to his heart.

I highly recommend this beautiful work of love and loss. Parts of the story are heart wrenching, but many more passages are full of love and laughter. Lou’s love for his wife shines through his words.

Please note that this is the second time I have reviewed this book. Originally I did not like it very much. The author rewrote much of it, turning it into the beautiful story I reviewed today.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for a fair and honest review. You can find it here: Copyright © 2022 Laura Hartman

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