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Book Review: Escape Velocity – Office Intrigue Can Be Deadly

Escape Velocity

By Susan Wolfe

Escape has been described as being approximately 33 times the speed of sound on earth. That defines the pace of this second novel by Susan Wolfe.

Georgia Griffin is a daddy’s girl. She loved spending time with him at their home in Piney, Arkansas. Taking care of their horses and learning how to read and manipulate people were activities he taught Georgia and her younger sister Katie-Ann. They had his skills, but didn’t use them. But when one if his cons sent him to prison, Georgia knew she had to make some drastic changes to survive. Things went from bad to worse after her mama took up with a real creep. Georgia set a goal and was determined to see it through. Getting a job in Silicon Valley is the first step, and then saving enough money to get her younger sister out of harm’s way is the second. Katie-Ann is only in high school and too much of a temptation for her mom’s latest boyfriend, so Georgia is on a tight timeline to accomplish what may be near impossible with only a paralegal certificate.

Lumina Software could be her big break. She’d interviewed with several companies, but nothing had panned out. But this interview was different. She was so convinced it might be the thrust she needed to begin her escape velocity, she was willing to put just a little of what her daddy taught her into play to give herself an edge. She immediately clicked with her potential boss, and finally got the break she had been looking for; the job was hers.

The pay was great, her boss was even better than she first imagined, but some of the others in the company seemed to have personal agendas. The deeper she became involved; the more Georgia felt she needed to channel her daddy to make sure the company was a success. After all, if the company had problems, she might lose her job, then how would she get her little sister out of the mess of a life she had in Arkansas? She was good at finding things out and using them to her advantage. If she pulled one small con to help the company, how could that be wrong? First she needs to find a vulnerable spot or two in a few obnoxious execs, then play them just like daddy would. But would she find out something that might put her in more danger than the business losing a bit of money? Certainly these boardroom bullies wouldn’t go as far as to kill someone – or are the stakes higher than Georgia imagined?

I loved the mind games the characters played with each other. After working in an office for over twenty years, I could picture a few of my former unsavory co-workers taking things a step further than ever imagined and then over the line. Fortunately in my life that never happened, but the realistic settings, events and character’s in Wolfe’s book brought the schemers and scammers to life. I loved hating the bad guys in this book and kept turning the pages to find out if and how they got what they deserved.

Anyone who likes twists, turns and intrigue will love this book. It was fun trying to figure out just who was bad and who was good until the very end. There is nothing better for a mystery reader than not knowing all of the answers until they are revealed in the final chapter, and then realizing the clues were there all along.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from the publisher/author in connection with Killer Nashville in return for my review. Copyright © 2017 Laura Hartman

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