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I am torn. Should I keep mingling and mixing writing and knitting on one blog? As my dear friend Leslie chides me, I don’t post very much as it is!

Are posts about book reviews boring to knitters? Speaking of reviews, I have a new one posted a http://www.thegenreview.com. Ajjiit, Dark Dreams of the Ancient Arctic by Sean A. Tinsley and Rachel A. Qitsualik, Illustrated by Andrew Trabbold is an interesting book of short stories based upon Inuit folklore. Check out the review and the book!

Are posts of my efforts to sell my first picture book boring for knitters or those who don’t have or know any kids? On that I can tell you trying to find a home for what you write is much more difficult than actually writing! But I’ll keep the interested parties informed as I work on it.

Lastly, are readers bored with my knitting angst? So far this year I’ve only completed squares for a Christmas afghan,  pair of socks and a baby afghan. Hum, not much needlework for 3 months. Will post pics soon.



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