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WIP Wednesday – In the Pink!

This week’s projects just might tickle someone pink. The pink baby blanket is finished and hopefully keeping little Shannon warm these cold spring nights.

pink blanket 2015 #3_2

I really love the pattern, You can find it here: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/cp4.html It is called Shell’s Baby Afghan by Beverly A. Qualheim. It is especially cute in pink. Maybe that is because I have three sons so there wasn’t any pink in our laundry basket. 🙂

pink blanket 2015 #3_3

The color in this picture is more true than the first picture.

After finishing the afghan, I made a couple of pink polar bear hats for the NICU unit at Central DuPage Hospital. I think they turned out really cute. This is a pattern that I’ve used before, it works up quickly and is really cute.

NICU spring challenge Pink Polar Bear 4.26.15

The only adjustment I made was on the second hat I didn’t knit the entire suggested length of 14 inches, because I didn’t want it to be as large as the pattern calls for. Here is the pattern link, and I highly suggest using the Bernat pipsqueak yarn that is as soft as a cloud and works up beautifully, http://www.yarnspirations.com/li-l-polar-bear-hat.html

NICU spring challenge Pink Polar Bear 4.29.15

Since it is late, I suspect I will take some white Bernat yarn to work tomorrow to work on another baby hat. This weekend I may start a new project. I am itching to make a lace shawl for cool summer nights, but just can’t find a pattern that is what I want. I could finish the second sock – but that can probably wait until our summer trip to see our son and daughter-in-law. The drive is about 10 hours, so it is a good time to work on socks.

I have the sweater started last year calling to be finished, but still am not happy with the sleeves the pattern calls for, and have torn them out twice already. It won’t take long to finish once I sit down and get busy figuring it out, but don’t know if this weekend will allow the time.

I guess the WIP next week will be a surprise for all of us – me included! 🙂


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I said I’d post my progress on pattern #4. Huh – everything went along fine until I around row 10 or so. Now this pattern was from a very well known source, so I figured I was safe to knit. Nope. My first lace row was off. I counted and counted again. Then frogged and knitted again. To no good end. I finally counted the stitches in the last row before the lace row and discovered the pattern was 4 stitches off. Not me (for once) it was the pattern.

*Extremely heavy sigh….* Is this some cosmic sign that I should not be making this shawl??? Does anyone have a fail safe, error free shawl pattern – not to hard, not to simple????

Now I am determined to find a pattern that I both like and will work. Downloaded 4 this afternoon and one of them better be OTN and working out correctly by tomorrow evening after work. It has been a week. I should be at least 1/2 done.

Maybe this is a test of my patience. If so I am losing the battle!

More tomorrow.

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