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Book Reviews: Two New Craft Books to Entertain and Delight

Origami of the Sea

By: Dover Publications

Beginners and those who already love the art of Japanese paper folding will enjoy this book of sea creatures. It begins with the basics. While there are 200 sheets of beautifully colored sheets of origami paper included, there are also guidelines to purchase additional sheets at your local stores. The proper way to fold the paper is also outlined in clear, easy to understand instructions. There are additional pages of techniques that have diagrams to ensure your success no matter what your previous origami experiences have been. There are also video links at the top of each page of instruction to assist you if needed.

Soon you and/or your children will have a sea of creatures created from nothing more than paper and a few folds. My personal favorites are the simple fish. Make a school of them to hang from your child’s ceiling. The boat is simple and colorful and the shark would be fun to play with while imagining undersea adventures.

The only drawback is the pages are loosely bound so that the Origami paper can be easily removed without tearing. That also makes the instructions easily removed. I would suggest either popping the instructions into a Ziploc bag or use a hole punch and yarn to keep them together and prevent them from being misplaced.

Thanks to the following for their contribution to Origami of the Sea. Vanda Battaglia, Pasquale D’Aurai, Francesco Decio, Marc Kirschenbaum and Nick Robinson created the diagrams, videos and text. The beautiful photographs are courtesy of Dario Canova and Nick Robinson.

The Royal Stickers

By: Eileen Rudisill Miller

Children love Princes and Princesses. Disney has assured a steady stream of fairytales that are beloved by all. But real life Princes and Princess are even more fascinating because they are actually real people.

Ms. Miller has created a cute little book of stickers that feature William and Kate and Harry and Meghan. Beautiful wedding gowns and dashing military uniforms as well as tiaras, rings and bouquets.

The Royal Stickers will make a great addition to your children’s Easter Basket. I usually have small books like this tucked away for my grandchildren. It is fun to surprise them with small treasures like this book.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy from Dover Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review. Copyright © 2019 Laura Hartman

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