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Book Review: Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy by M. D. Moore – I Loved This Book

Cool Crazy

Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy

M. D. Moore

287 pages

This novel begins with Harmon and his mother Cece being arrested. This is Harmon’s third strike and he could be looking at serious time in prison. Then a strange twist of fate sets him free from prison, but not his private hell.

If troubles were money, Harmon Burke would be the richest man in town. But they are not, so he is not. As a matter of fact, he is in desperate need of money. His life hinges on him finishing a job restoring several historic furniture pieces and selling them before his cancer kills him. If he can complete the restoration, he can pay for his treatment and hopefully continue to live.

But cancer is just a sidebar in his messed up life. Being the oldest son of a paranoid schizophrenic mother has never been easy for Harmon. His father is non-existent; his little brother Connie needed someone to raise him because his mother is unable to. This job falls to Harmon, who does the best he can.

Growing up with Cece was a string of false promises and events that no child should have to experience. When she is on her medication, life is better. But unfortunately for the two Burke boys, their mother was often off her meds. Something happened during one of her bad times that will haunt them forever, coloring their lives with more crazy than anyone can handle.

Now a grown man, Harmon is trying to control his mother, help his brother, raise enough money for his medical treatment and not die in the meantime. Enter the woman he has always loved, but lost many years ago to a man now powerful enough to ruin his life with a snap of his fingers. She needs Harmon’s help, but he can hardly hold his head above water, so how can he save someone else?

When Harmon grudgingly starts seeing a therapist, he begins to remember parts of his past he buried long ago. He is trying to learn how to cope with current troubles, and accept what happened in his past. But when a revelation comes to light crashing those two worlds together, it could be the end of him.

I could not turn the pages fast enough to read Moore’s debut novel. He draws the reader into Harmon’s world with empathy and honesty. Addressing mental illness is not easy, but he digs into every uncomfortable corner of Cece, Connie and Harmon’s minds to show all the highs and lows of a family in crisis. The picture he paints with beautiful prose will haunt you way after reading his book.

Sanity is a tenuous thread that can be broken easier than we could ever imagine. Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy explores this from every angle. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented author.

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