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Book Review: My Life with John Steinbeck – An Intriguing Look Into An American Icon’s Life

My Life with John Steinbeck

By Gwyn Steinbeck

Famous American author John Steinbeck was brilliant but troubled. It is well documented that he was a hard-drinking man. My Life With John Steinbeck gives readers an inside look into the man behind the legend. His second wife, Gwyn Steinbeck, professes her lifetime love of John, yet doesn’t pull any punches about his infidelities, drunken rages and controlling behavior. She knew him intimately, but freely admits her book is “but a fragment of John’s life”.

Gwyn was introduced to him in 1938. One of her longtime friends asked her to bring chicken soup to an ailing friend, who ended up being John. Becoming infatuated with Gwyn, he walked into the club she was singing in a few days later. Their life became intertwined over cigarettes and booze, growing into love, marriage and ultimately divorce.

Life with John wasn’t easy. Traveling to Mexico or Paris on a whim was not uncommon. It didn’t matter if Gwyn was pregnant or sick, if John wanted to take a road trip, they got in the car with their Old English Sheepdog and hit the road. Gwen rarely stood up to John. By her writings, he could not tolerate any sickness or disruptions in his life that others might bring. He was not the best father, in fact, Gwyn states more than once how he basically ignored his second son. She tolerated John’s moods and quirks until 1948 when she told him she would always love him but wanted a divorce.

Gwyn gives us a peek behind the scenes of one of the most famous American authors, living or dead. The little-known facts, such as which films made from his books that he loved and which ones he hated. His friends included many A-List stars and authors. It was intriguing to read about his war correspondent years as well as his writing process. I have not read all of his books, but Grapes of Wrath will always be one of my all-time favorite books.

My Life with John Steinbeck is a very interesting biography that reads like a novel. Of course, it is written from one person’s perspective, but the intimacy of Gwyn and John’s life brings depth to the story like no one else could. It is entertaining and enlightening. It has inspired me to read more of his books and perhaps catch one or two is his movies.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for a fair and honest review. https://reedsy.com/discovery/ Copyright © 2019 Laura Hartman

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