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Wooo whoo! Finally loving a shawl pattern

Lisa Gentry – I love, love, love your Sunny Day’s prayer shawl pattern that I found last night in the Knit Prayer Shawls pattern book! Finally I am rockin’ and rollin’ on a beautiful pattern for my girlfriend’s birthday next month. My progress is astounding considering I only worked on it a couple of hours last night. See pic below:

I have to increase stitches evenly the next row I knit. Uh oh, math. I know it should be pretty easy, but I want to make sure I have it right because I don’t want to mess up the pattern and have to start over.

It would take me forever to look in my library for the exact formula, so internet here I come. There are many online sites that give instructions. I had my pick  and I thought I’d share a couple of them with you.

First things first – I only care about flat knitting increases for this project, so I won’t confuse anyone (ok me) by mixing in the directions for knitting in the round increases.

You have to add 1 to the number of stitches you are going to increase. (I know, it doesn’t make much sense, but stick with me). To increase 10 stitches evenly over 100 stitches, you add 10 + 100 = 110 stitches. Now divide this total by the number of stitches you need to increase (11 – don’t forget that extra one) then divide the total number of stitches (110) by this number (11) – 110/11=10. The increase would be every 10th stitch.

That was easy – but what if you have a fraction? (my mind begins to drift at the thought…) Ok, suppose you have 110  stitches and need to increase the same 10 (11 really because we’ve added the extra one – don’t fight it, I can’t explain it either) and you end up with 120/11 = 10.9. You still increase 1 stitch every 10 stitches 9 times and the llth stitch the last time.

If I don’t overthink, this will work every time. (http://www.knitabit.net/wisdom/increaseevenly.htm )

Now that you have used your calculator and possibly fingers and toes to do all of this headache inducing math – I found an even easier way. Go to this website http://www.thedietdiary.com/knittingfiend/tools/IncreaseEvenlySpace.html (save it to your favorites if you want, you may be using it often!)  The Knitting Fiend Lucia has created a wonderful “plug and play” formula for all of us to use when increasing evenly.

At the top of the page, you plug in the number of stitches in your row. In the next box, the number of stitches you need to add, then bingo! the number of total stitches shows up in the box below. Now scroll down a bit and the written instruction for the row is there for you to use. Thank you Lucia!!!

Hope these sites help if you are unsure of your increases. Happy knitting 🙂

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