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I said I’d post my progress on pattern #4. Huh – everything went along fine until I around row 10 or so. Now this pattern was from a very well known source, so I figured I was safe to knit. Nope. My first lace row was off. I counted and counted again. Then frogged and knitted again. To no good end. I finally counted the stitches in the last row before the lace row and discovered the pattern was 4 stitches off. Not me (for once) it was the pattern.

*Extremely heavy sigh….* Is this some cosmic sign that I should not be making this shawl??? Does anyone have a fail safe, error free shawl pattern – not to hard, not to simple????

Now I am determined to find a pattern that I both like and will work. Downloaded 4 this afternoon and one of them better be OTN and working out correctly by tomorrow evening after work. It has been a week. I should be at least 1/2 done.

Maybe this is a test of my patience. If so I am losing the battle!

More tomorrow.

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I hate frogging

Here I was knitting along, minding my own business, feeling sassy and happy that the pattern was working out like I planned. Then I took a closer look at the last 3 rows I completed at lunch while yakking with my friend. Argh – I k when I should have p and the basketweave was all off. Soooooo, 3 rows carefully frogged and I am back on track.

The last 2 rows are correct and it is looking again like it should.

More progress tomorrow I hope!


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