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Family Night :)

I love Friday nights. The weekend hold unlimited promise of sleeping late, writing, knitting, reading…and laundry, vacuuming, dusting, grocery shopping. Ok, MOST of the weekend is fun 🙂

Our family has the best plan to start the weekend. Anyone that is available meets for dinner at a restaurant or someone’s home for dinner and catching up after the work week. Tonight our table and hearts were full. Fourteen and a highchair was the head count tonight. We chair hop to visit and everyone ooohs and ahhhs at the baby of the family. She is just eight months old and holds everyone’s heart in her chubby little hand.

The food really doesn’t matter, what matters is we share our time and our lives with each other face to face in addition to facebook, email and texts. I feel badly for people that don’t get along with their families. My hope for them is to find sharing and caring friends and treat them as family.

However big or small your family is, take time out of life to spend time with them. You will be much richer for having done so. Give family night a try; it is the best way to start a weekend!

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