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Mindfront by Dave Becker: Heartstopping Psychological Thriller


MindfrontWritten by: Dave Becker

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

325 pages

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Dr. Martin Keller is on a relaxing vacation. After his morning run, he steps into the shower feeling a bit dizzy. When he looks down, he is covered with blood, but doesn’t know why. Stepping from the shower he finds his family brutally massacred in their hotel room. Before he can take a breath, men wearing black helmets dark visors hiding their faces and armed with assault weapons stormed the room.

Marty jumps from the window and runs for his life. He has to find the people or organization that brutally murdered his family. He suspects their murder is connected to the project he has been working on for the last ten years, Swansong. It started out as a project funded by George Washington University – or was it secretly funded by the government? His research uncovered a code in brainwaves of animals and eventually humans that could lead to a terrifying form of torture of prisoners and terrorists than has ever been imagined in history.

He is one step ahead of the armed men, but has to find out who created the nightmare his life has become. Is it the Army, CIA, FBI or a group of terrorists? Dead bodies turn up wherever he goes; most of them have a chess piece with their name carved on it shoved in their eye. The suspense of not knowing who is playing this deadly game with Marty will keep you reading at breakneck speed.

Becker keeps you breathless as you enter Marty’s mind and try and figure out what and who is real. Dr. Keller feels like he is losing touch with reality and takes you into the darkness of his mind as he tries to hold on to what he believes to be real – but is it?

To say Dave Becker’s latest book, Mindfront is a fast paced thriller is like saying the Concord was a pretty fast airplane. From the minute I downloaded the file and began to read this psychological thriller I could not stop. I had to see what would happen next.

I loved Becker’s first novel, The Faustian Host and he did not disappoint me with Mindfront. I am still looking forward to his follow-up novel with the Faustian Host characters. Mindfront was different but does not disappoint. It is a great read. To write two very different books that are both winners shows us Becker isn’t a one trick pony. I am still waiting for the Faustian Host sequel, but anything Becker writes will be in my library.

Copyright © 2014 Laura Hartman

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy that I can keep for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was not expected to return this item after my review.


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Book Review: The Faustain Host

The Faustian Host

Written by: Dave Becker

Reviewed by: Laura Hartman

Genre: YA, HorrorPrint

Dave Becker has a winner with his debut YA horror novel, The Faustian Host. Most teens feel as though the world is against them at one time or the other. But 14-year old Tony Marino seems to have the corner on problems. Within the first few pages of this fast paced novel, he attends his grandmother’s funeral, watches his family home explode in flames, is confronted by a dark, shadowy figure and is uprooted from his life in Florida to live with a couple he met as a young child and does not remember.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown were given custody of Tony by his deeply religious, superstitious grandma before she died, and move him to their home Massachusetts. They enroll him in an unconventional high school where he tried to fit it, but is thwarted at every turn. When suspicious events start spiraling around him, the few friends he makes start backing away. Is it magic, sorcery, or someone playing horrible tricks on the new kid? He refuses to believe in magic like his “crazy” grandma, but the strange events make him wonder if he is becoming as crazy as he always thought his grandma was.

Tony may be the key to saving the world, but will he and the residents of the small town he moved to be able to survive the plagues and monsters that seemed to arrive when he did?

Part of the beauty of the writing is Tony remains a teenager even when faced with adult problems, both normal and supernatural. One of my favorite lines is “Destroy the world – you said that.” Tony commented through a mouthful of nachos. “You just never said how.”  I love the way Becker blends normal and supernatural seamlessly and interestingly. Most teenage boys I know wouldn’t lose their appetite in the face of an apocalyptic event – especially if nachos were around.

This was so well written and exciting to read it was disappointing to leave the world that Becker created. My only consolation is the end appears to be the stepping stone for a sequel. (2014 Update: the sequel is here! I’ll be reading and reviewing THE APOLLINE SIBYL within the next few weeks)

Copyright © 2012 Laura Hartman

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy that I can keep for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was not expected to return this item after my review.

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