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Conductive thread – creepy or cool? You decide

Yesterday I picked up a Knit Picks catalog that came in the mail on Saturday. I certainly don’t need any yarn, needles or patterns. Or do I….

Remember my quest to find weird, odd and eclectic yarns? They had spools of conductive thread. By using it in the fingertips of your hand knit gloves, you can use your phone, e-reader, iPad or any other touch screen electronic you can think of. Interesting bordering on very strange.

I’ve seen these kind of fingertips on gloves available in stores, but didn’t imagine I could make them. Ah. Therein begins my argument with myself.

“You certainly don’t need this!”

“Yeah, but it is only $4.99! How could you not buy it?”

While myself was arguing with me, I decided to check this out a bit more on the internet. I found this stuff all over! Where have a been for the last couple of years? I found spools of this stuff, little “dots”, giant spools, gloves as cheap as $4.99. Please enjoy the irony with me. I know making the gloves will cost a lot more, but I fully intend to make them out of that Bison Yarn that cost 5 times the cost of purchased gloves. I can’t explain it if you are a non-knitter, no offense intended. If you are a knitter you are nodding your head, yep, you’d knit them instead of buy them too. I dunno. Apparently I have lived under a rock because this stuff has been out for at least a few years. You can even buy it at Walmart if they have a fabric department. I am seriously looking for some of this over the weekend.

My only decision will be gloves like a grown up or mittens that I prefer? My fingers get lonely in gloves, what can I say? But I did find a really nice free pattern for them here: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwbis11/PATTteknika.php

Anyway, I have to get some of this thread. I figure it is not like purchasing yarn for a new project because it is just an add on to one of the projects I was planning to make anyway. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.


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