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WIP Wednesday Finally !!

I’m baaack! It has been way too many Wednesdays to count, but there is no time like the present to get back to WIP Wednesdays.

We took a wonderfully relaxing vacation to the Florida Keys a few weeks ago. We swam, kayaked – yup, even I can do it! – had fabulously fresh sea food and did a bit of sightseeing. This was the view off of our balcony.


I did a bit of knitting, but actually decided that project was not for me. So I took it off the needles to save the yarn for a project I like more.

After I got home I finished the blanket third blanket for a friend at work. The picture shows a big variation of color that is much more subtle in person. I couldn’t get the same dye lot, so I alternated the 2 dye lots of the same color to make a striped pattern. If course I forgot to take a pic in natural light, so the glare of the lightbulbs made it look oddly colored.

Donita blanket #3_2

I’ve started on the lavender blanket she needs next.

The Scoreboard KAL is coming along well. The only problem is my scarf is going to be more orange than navy since the Bears are not having their best year.

Bears_KAL 2

Instead of working on my projects last Sunday, we visited a couple of Alpaca farms. It was Alpaca Days, a yearly “open house” at local alpaca farms, if you key “alpaca days” in google, you might find a local farm you can visit next fall. The alpacas were friendly and cute and of course I got some wonderful hand-spun alpaca yarn and can’t wait to use it for a winter hat. I may not have time to start it until after Christmas, but time will tell. My hubby liked the alpacas why more than looking at the yarn 🙂

Alpaca Farm

My favorite was Waldron Grove Alpaca Farm


Everyone there was really nice, They were informative & told us interesting facts about the Alpacas and fiber. If you are in the Chicago area, they are having a Christmas Open House in late November. They have beautiful hand knits for sale, works of art and natural fiber yarns in plenty of time to make a last minute gift.

Hopefully this week I’ll catch up the week and a half I’m behind on the Bears scarf and make good progress on the lavender baby blanket. Time will tell. Hope you all have a great week doing something you love to do 🙂

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Whatcha doin’ Wednesday #1

To keep myself on task a weekly report on my 2013 projects seemed like a good idea. I was going to call these posts WIP Wednesdays but that seemed too ordinary. So Whatcha doin seemed to be more in order.

This week has been productive project week for me. I haven’t taken pictures of the two projects I am working on except this one of the first square for the Spiral Fan Throw I am making for my girlfriend’s birthday.

Fan throw first square

So far I’ve completed 14 of the 35 squares and have them in two strips of 7. I only have 3 more strips and the edging to complete, so feel fairly confident that this project will be completed in time for her birthday. I’m using Brava Worsted from Knit Picks in Wine. I really love the feel of this yarn and the way it works up. It is soft and feels as though it will be really warm and cozy.

My knitting project is a helix scarf I am making for myself out of the bison yarn I purchased at Stitches Midwest. I was encouraged to start this project first by my friend. She was with me when I purchased the yarn and was anxious to see how it would work up. It has the feel of cotton even though  it is 90% super was merino and 10% American Bison. Fun yarn from Stitches

It is the hot pink and black hank in this picture of all of the yarns that I purchased at Stitches. As a sidebar – I have used almost all of the yarn pictured here. The blue and orange is now a scarf made for my son’s girlfriend. Go Bears!! The two at the top – the brown and beige variegated –  are now a washcloth for my girlfriend for Christmas and several dishcloths for our kitchen. The only thing here that is still in my stash are the three little twists of bison yarn. They came with a pattern for cute little Christmas stockings. This is inspiring me to add those 3 little projects to my list of things to do for Christmas 2013.

How are your projects coming along this year? Have you jumped in with both feet? Are you planning your projects? Are you more of a free spirit and do what you do when you do it without a real plan of action? Just wondering what you are doing. 🙂

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WiP update

It’s been a productively busy week for knitting and writing projects. I always feel better when at least one of my projects is complete. Maybe because I love starting something new?

Anyway, here is the my updates by project.

2 Baby boy afghans – 1 DONE! The other will be started when I finish clue 1 for the Mystery Shawl KAL

Snowflake afghan – 21 of 59 squares completed as of today – sadly, no progress. Might do a couple of squares just because I need to.
Pr socks –  I’m sort of looking at patterns
Hat – this might be the next project I start
Shawl – DONE! It is blocked and drying and I love it
Mystery Shawl – received clue number one Sept 1 – am making good progress, hope to complete this clue this weekend.
Possible add in projects: the delightful baby sweater – can’t find the pattern I fell in love with, so this is a scratch, a felted lunchbag (fast, fun and useful!) actually bought one – so this will be a scratch also and a few dishcloths – DONE! I’ve made 2 and have been using them for a few weeks. I fell back in love with them. Have enough fiber to make 3 more will do early next year. But maybe I’ll have a plain old dishrag giveaway and make one sooner. Would anyone be interested in a useful, extraordinarily ordinary prizie????
Master’s program – neverending…. but I did order some new yarn to start swatches over 🙂
So I’ll be dropping  the shawl, baby sweater, lunchbag, one baby blanket and the dishcloths off of my list of to-dos.
That will only leave one baby blanket, a hat, socks, mystery shawl (which doesn’t really count because it was an add on) and the snowflake afghan. OH – and the Bears scarf that is about 1/2 of the way completed that I added on also. Master’s program stalled.
I hope to finish the Bears scarf this week!

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Accidental knitter

There are many reasons I knit and many more why I don’t. The main reasons I don’t are obligations that come first. Of course my family and their needs come first. Husband, sons, daughter-in-laws, my dad and occasionally some assorted aunts, uncles and cousins need or want part of my time, of which I happily (in almost all cases) give.

Then there is the list of not so fun things that keep me from knitting. Work (have to pay for yarn!), cleaning (have to be able to find said yarn) and grocery shopping (a woman has to keep up her strength to carry boxes of yarn in when UPS drops them off).

Once all of these have been attended to – I have a bit of free time. I can choose to knit, read, play on the internet, blog or work on my longer pieces of writing.

Often I choose knitting because it is relaxing, progress is satisfying and when I am done I often have gift to give someone I love (reference paragraph #1!). I take an easy project to work for break and lunch. The current take along project is the scarf I am making for one of my peeps for Christmas. It is not a challenging pattern so is perfect for working on during our lively lunchtime conversations. Check out my progress below:


My weekends are really full with fun and not so fun stuff so I don’t usually have more than an hour or so to work on the more challenging scarf pattern that I’ve been talking about forever. Accidentally, I now have hours to work on my scarf at home. Last Monday I somehow managed to fall down several steps. Nothing was on the stairs, the dog was not in my way. I dunno – I just twisted my ankle walking down the steps I’ve walked down thousands of times for no reason at all.

After limping around a day, and a sleepless night a trip to the ER was in order. A few hours, Xrays and crutches later, I was back home to ice, elevate and stay off my sprained foot. A trip to the doc later in the week confirmed the sprain and added torn ligaments to the mix. Minimal walking was prescribed for 6-7 weeks.

No cleaning, hardly any cooking and lots of time sitting in my chair with an elevated icy foot makes for a great environment for guilt-free knitting. So, I am a bit sheepishly happy to show the progress on the dreaded shawl. I haven’t worked on anything else on my list of projects other than decide to order some new yarn for my swatches for the Master Knitter’s Program.


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WIP update

It has been a busy knitting, crocheting, reading and writing week. I’ve finished baby blanket #7 for Allison’s coworker this week. I am in love with the Brava yarn. This was crocheted with Knit Pick’s Brava Sport in the color sky. It works up soft yet great stitch definition. This is my yarn of choice for baby blankets these days.

I completed 2 everyday dish cloths. Each one took less than 3 hrs and 1/3 of a skein of yarn. I have enough to make 4 more, but that won’t be for a while.

I started he scarf in Bear’s colors that I got from Stitches Midwest. This was an addition to my WIP list, but I’ve made progress nonetheless. I was going to make it in a more complex pattern, but decided to let the yarn talk for itself.

The following WIP haven’t been touched this week:

The dreaded shawl

The Snowflake afghan

And I haven’t started the last pr of socks, my hat (but I did wind the yarn), the last baby blanket or worked on the Master’s Program. Now I might do my swatches again because my girlfriend and I discovered some great yarn from Canada, Timothy Street,  that is the house yarn for Unwind Yarn House.

  Yesterday I wound the yarn for the Fall Mystery Shawl group (green lace), the bison (hot pink and black (for some mittens for me I think). The alpaca I got on vacation in Oregon (for my hat) and the Bear’s yarn for the Christmas present scarf I started yesterday.

All in all, it feels like a really productive week for me 🙂





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