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WiP update

It’s been a productively busy week for knitting and writing projects. I always feel better when at least one of my projects is complete. Maybe because I love starting something new?

Anyway, here is the my updates by project.

2 Baby boy afghans – 1 DONE! The other will be started when I finish clue 1 for the Mystery Shawl KAL

Snowflake afghan – 21 of 59 squares completed as of today – sadly, no progress. Might do a couple of squares just because I need to.
Pr socks –  I’m sort of looking at patterns
Hat – this might be the next project I start
Shawl – DONE! It is blocked and drying and I love it
Mystery Shawl – received clue number one Sept 1 – am making good progress, hope to complete this clue this weekend.
Possible add in projects: the delightful baby sweater – can’t find the pattern I fell in love with, so this is a scratch, a felted lunchbag (fast, fun and useful!) actually bought one – so this will be a scratch also and a few dishcloths – DONE! I’ve made 2 and have been using them for a few weeks. I fell back in love with them. Have enough fiber to make 3 more will do early next year. But maybe I’ll have a plain old dishrag giveaway and make one sooner. Would anyone be interested in a useful, extraordinarily ordinary prizie????
Master’s program – neverending…. but I did order some new yarn to start swatches over 🙂
So I’ll be dropping  the shawl, baby sweater, lunchbag, one baby blanket and the dishcloths off of my list of to-dos.
That will only leave one baby blanket, a hat, socks, mystery shawl (which doesn’t really count because it was an add on) and the snowflake afghan. OH – and the Bears scarf that is about 1/2 of the way completed that I added on also. Master’s program stalled.
I hope to finish the Bears scarf this week!

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Giveaway: I’m Knitting For You

Check out these adorable dolls!!

Giveaway: I’m Knitting For You.

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First Giveaway – Travelling Roses Scarf

Check out this gorgeous scarf SingleStitch is giving away!


First Giveaway – Travelling Roses Scarf.

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