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Neurotic November – Crazy Characters Create Chaos!

Neurotic NovemberNeurotic-November-Cover

By Barbara Levenson

310 pages

Neurotic November is the fourth book in Barbara Levenson’s Mary Magruder Katz Mystery series. Mary is rebuilding her law practice upon her return to Florida after spending a month in Vermont due to a misunderstanding with her boyfriend, Carlos. They have patched things up and all should be right in her world.

Unfortunately, her troubles are multiplying like rabbits. First, her father’s heart problm has landed him in a Miami hospital. Her mom confesses she hates the retirement community they live in and wants to move back to be closer to friends and family.

Carlo’s father is in legal trouble because he is on the board of a bank that is being investigated by the feds. Mary has agreed to take the case, but he keeps going against her advice because he is used to taking care of his own problems. This time he is most likely in way over his head.

Family problems are nothing compared to her paralegal Caroline’s troubles. Her no good ex-husband is found dead on Caroline’s doorstep within days of an altercation that involved Marco, her fiancé. Mary is fighting to free Marco after he is arrested for the murder.

Then there is Jay Lincoln. He is a University of Miami star quarterback that has been accused of raping a high school girl. He claims he didn’t know she was so young, but evidence is stacking up against him. The original lawyer his family hired wants him to accept a plea bargain, but Mary is convinced things are not what they seem. Regrettably for her, the original lawyer on the case is her ex-boyfriend, creating even more complications in her cluttered life.

Like real life, when it rains it pours and Mary has a flood of troubles. Lucky for readers, this makes for a fast paced fun book with eccentric personalities that are easy to like and identify with as friends, co-workers and family in our lives

Levenson’s style of short chapters and quick action makes me read just one more chapter until I’ve read another 50 pages because I can’t put it down. This is the third book I’ve read in her series. They are the second and third mysteries, Justice in June and Outrageous October.


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This works as a stand-alone novel, there is enough backstory filled in, but not too much to keep readers from being confused. There is a “cast of characters” list at the beginning of the book that would help new readers figure out who is who at a glance. Fans of Janet Evanovich will love this series – give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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