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Book Review: The Newcomer

by Mary Kay Andrews

Letty and her sister were basically on their own as kids. Letty was determined to make her way in the world by working hard and taking care of her younger sister Tonya. Unfortunately, Tonya makes bad choices in love and life. The best thing to happen to her is the birth of her daughter, Maya. The four-year-old has even brought the sisters together again after their lives took different paths. Even though Evan, the man Letty previously dated, is the father of Maya, Tonya tries her best to keep her daughter away from him. Both sisters are happy to be together again.

Their reunion is short lived. Tonya is found dead, murdered in the luxury apartment bought by Evan before she can get out of the city with her daughter. Letty is the prime suspect and she is on the run with Maya. Her sister’s mistakes and lies have cast doubt about many things in her life, but not her need to leave New York to keep her ex-boyfriend away from his daughter. Letty leaves with her niece, taking the go bag her sister wisely had stashed in her closet and little else.

In the bag was the name of a small resort in Florida, Murmuring Surf, so Letty heads there. Finding a safe haven, she begins working for the owner to earn her keep. Always wary of Evan finding her and Maya, she shies away from almost everyone. Especially Joe, the owner’s son who is also a cop. Surely, he has seen the APB sent to all law enforcement agencies when a suspected killer and kidnapper is on the loose. Safe for now, Letty adjusts to life in Florida, but will she have to run again soon? Will Evan, with all of his resources find her and Maya? Letty fears for the worst.

The Newcomber is an interesting, well plotted novel. Finding out who the killer is in the last few chapters is well played. The characters are diverse and real. Ms. Andrews not only created realistic, well rounded main characters, but the bit players are fun to meet. Especially the residents of the Murmuring Surf. They are quirky, cranky and could be people you have encountered. Picture some grumpy old men fighting over parking spots.

I really enjoyed this book. It is not part of a series. Ms. Andrews is a prolific writer. She has written several best-selling books under the pen name Mary Kay Andrews since 2002 as well as being nominated for many literary awards. I have read several of her books, including The High Tide Club and Blue Christmas. She is the master of telling a great story with a side of romance.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Netgalley and the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Copyright © 2021 Laura Hartman

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