Book Review: No More Words

By Kerry Lonsdale

Olivia’s life is a hot mess. She just broke up with her boyfriend and Josh, her fourteen-year-old nephew that she has never met, just turned up at her door. Her sister Lily, Josh’s mom, left home when she was sixteen and pregnant and hasn’t had any contact with her family since that day. Josh cannot tell Olivia where his mother is due to a head injury that robbed him of his speech. The only thing he can tell her is that Lily is gone.

So begins Olivia’s journey into the past to find out what really happened the day Lily left and more importantly find out where she is now.  First, she has to find out who her sister has become, the name she is going by and where she and Josh have been living. Is she injured or heaven forbid dead? Olivia must face the demons of her family’s past in order to reconcile the future and find Lily. Each member of her family has secrets and some of them are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them hidden.

This multilayered novel is easy to read yet surprisingly intricate. The plot is fast-paced and depth of the characters, even those on the periphery, came to life in the story. I literally read late into the night because I had to know what was going to happen. Ms. Lonsdale takes the reader into the character’s childhood years and then skillfully brings the story back to present day, rounding out each one so that the reader knows them intimately. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I highly recommend it.

This is the third book by Ms. Lonsdale that I have read. Each of them has been different, but all of them are written with the same depth of plot and painstakingly realistic characters that readers love. If you are a fan of Jodi Picoult, you will love all of Kerry Lonsdale’s books. No More Words has left me speechless – other than to say it has to be added to your reading list.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Netgalley and the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Copyright © 2021 Laura Hartman #NoMoreWords #TeamNoMore

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