Undercover Kitty: A Second Chance Cat Mystery – A Purr-fect Cozy Mystery

by Sofie Ryan

Something is fishy at the American Cat Fancier (AFA) shows and it isn’t the sardine crackers the contestants love to munch. Enter an eclectic detective agency named Charlotte’s Angels – just Angels for short – to sort out what is going on. The detectives are a mix of senior citizens, Sarah who owns a delightful resale shop and a troubled teen who lives with one of the members. And of course, Elvis, Sarah’s rescue cat. Yes, he is named after the Rock and Roll icon, but is also legend in the Angel’s as well as his own opinion.

Rose, the head of the Angels convinces Sarah to enter Elvis in the AFA Show as an undercover agent. They need to find out who is behind the sabotage that has turned up lately at the shows. Unfortunately, things have escalated. When one of the owners is found dead, everyone assumes it is a horrible accident. But the Angels soon realize it is murder. Will they find the person that is responsible before another feline or human is hurt or killed? The Angels are determined to crack the case.

Undercover Kitty is the purr-fect cozy mystery. Elvis is adorably aloof yet loveable and smart. The group of amateur sleuths are fun to meet and determined to solve the case. There is a bit of romance for a few of the characters as well as a strong bond of friendship within the group of friends and felines.

Cozy and cat lovers will really enjoy this fast-paced mystery. Sofie Ryan is a well-deserved New York Times Bestselling Author. Undercover Kitty is the eighth book in her Second Chance Cat Mystery. She is also the bestselling author of the Magical Cats series – also cozy mysteries.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Copyright © 2021 Laura Hartman

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