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Book Review: Jingle All The Way – Delightful Holiday Tale

By Debbie Newcomber

Everly Lancaster has created the life she has always wanted from the time she changed her given name, Daisy, to something more sophisticated and worldly: Everly. A workaholic, she co-owns a top selling Chicago real estate company with Jack Campbell, a long-time friend and colleague. Everly shoulders the late nights, firings and problems that Jack finds distasteful. But when his niece, Annette is hired as Everly’s assistant with Jack’s recommendation, things go south fast.

Lazy, spoiled and incompetent, Annette bungles a very important event, so Everly insists on her termination. Jack balks, finding it distasteful to fire his niece. He insists Everly needs a vacation and demands she takes off the entire month of December. A contrite Annette books a cruise for Everly, who agrees she might need some time to unwind on a nice relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, the cruise is anything but relaxing. No internet, no telephone, no amenities and no way to leave the ship. But the good news is there is a naturalist onboard, Asher Adams, who is very handsome and very interesting. Maybe the trip won’t be as bad as it seems – or it might just be worse than she ever imagined.

From the first chapters, the interesting characters and unusual situations pulled me in and didn’t let go. Jingle All The Way is not your typical Christmas novel, which makes it interesting and charming with a satisfying end. It is the perfect holiday story that will make you chuckle; make you sniffle and make you want to read just one more chapter to see what is happening next. I highly recommend it.

Debbie Newcomber is a familiar name because she is a best-selling author with thirteen novels reaching #1 on the NYT bestseller lists. Five of her Christmas novels are now beloved movies that can be seen on the Hallmark Channel. Ms. Newcomber pulls readers into her books, with her heartwarming characters and stories.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Copyright © 2020 Laura Hartman

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