Book Review: Paper Animals in Action – Make a Moving Menagerie for your Kids

Paper Animals in Action

By: Rob Ives

How would you like to create a paper Flying Pig for your kids? You can create that and many more animals with Ives’ Paper Animals in Action. By using household items like clothes pins and paperclips along with the model parts included in the book, you will love the menagerie of moving paper animals you can create to entertain your children or grandchildren.

By opening and closing the clothes pins, your child will be able to make a goose fly, a penguin flap his wings and a dog nod his head. There are twelve different animals, with step-by-step instructions for adults to create them.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. By reading through the instructions as well as looking at the step-by-step color illustrations, adults will have no problem making each of the paper animals. I suggest surprising your youngster with the completed animal unless he or she is extremely patient.

Each animal will have to be cut out, scored and folded. Paperclips need to be bent and glue has to set. While the construction is not difficult, I know my grandchildren would be hopping around “helping” and asking when it would be done. They do not have the patience to wait for glue to dry, nor should they be expected to at their ages.

My suggestion would be to create a few of these adorable paper animals after your child goes to bed. He or she will be delighted to wake up to a zoo of moving animals to play with.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy from Dover Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review. Copyright © 2019 Laura Hartman


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