Book Review: Celtic Knotwork and Stone Painting – Double Giveaway

Thanks to Dover Books, I have two fabulous craft books to give away to two lucky winners!


The first, Creating Celtic Knotwork, A Fresh Approach to Traditional Design by Cari Buziak, allows novice artists to create professional results with beautiful Celtic designs. With beautiful graphics and easy, step by step instructions, the author walks you through basic designs that can be used as beautiful boarders on cards then, by the end of the book, you will be learning to create amazing works of art.

I cannot draw a convincing stick figure, but found this fabulous book allowing  to stretch my artistic wings and if not fly quite yet,  with the easy, set by step instructions allowing me to create what I could never have done before. The materials needed are inexpensive and easily found, most of you probably have them in a drawer someplace at home. If you ever wanted to become an artist, but need a bit more structure than freehand art,  you will love the designs Buziak helps you create.

The second book in the Dover giveaway, is Stone Painting for Kids, Designs to Spark Your Creativity by F. Sehnaz Bac. What kid doesn’t like rocks and paint? This is a match made in heaven. And what parent or caregiver finds themselves listening to “I’m bored, I don’t have anything to do” as summer rolls around? This wonderful book of ideas can be your answer!

First, rock collecting is fun. Go to the park, take a walk, look in your backyard. Let’s face it, rocks are everywhere and kids love to collect them. Okay, you can cheat and buy some rocks, but in my house, collecting them would have been at least half of the fun. Then your youngsters get to wash the rocks. I know, a bucket of water and soap is a bit messy, but on a hot summer day, put the kids in their swimming suits and let them wash the rocks they’ve collected. Now, give them a frozen treat while the rocks dry in the sun for a whole day. Unless it is really hot and sunny out, then a few hours should do it.

Now you are ready for paints. You can paint anything on your rocks. Make butterflies, people, animals, numbers…the ideas are endless. If you need inspiration, there are many designs in Stone Painting for Kids that you and your kids can easily recreate.



It is hard to choose because there are so many great ideas in this book, you can tell by looking at the table of contents!



Here are are few of my favorites:

Create two of each and you can make a memory game with your kids – they will love playing a game they created themselves. If you have several children, they can each make two or three matching rock paintings and you will have enough for the game.


If you collected sea shells on vacation this year, your kids will love to create fish colorful fish!




I could go on all day about these two great books, but I bet you would like to know how to win one of them! To have a chance in the random drawing to be held on June 29, 2018 you just need to like this post on FB, Twitter or Goodreads. You will get an additional 5 entries if you leave a comment on the post on my blog, When the winner is drawn, I will send both winners my email address so that you can privately send your mailing address. (The prizes are limited to the U.S. only). Good Luck!!


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  1. Congratulations Marianne Goode and Michelle Lansky – you are each a winner of one of these great Dover Books. Thanks to all that entered!


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