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Book Review: Write to Die – Perfect Legal Mystery

Write to DieWrite to Die

By Charles Rosenberg

Rory Calburton is in a tight spot. He is the newly promoted partner at his law firm, which is the primary council for a major movie studio. Currently, the studio is embroiled in a lawsuit involving this year’s blockbuster movie which is scheduled to release within days. Rory is called to the studio by the head honcho, Joe Stanton to discuss the case. But Joe won’t be discussing the case or anything else because Rory finds him dead.

This was the tip of the iceberg of Rory’s bad luck. His boss, Hal Harold, is the prime suspect in Joe’s death. Now the lawsuit brought against the studio by former star Mary Bloom might take a bad turn with Joe no longer in the picture. Rory’s headaches multiply when he not only has to defend the studio, but his boss in front of a less than friendly judge.

Enter another wild card in the form of a brilliant young assistant; Sarah Gold. Fresh out of law school, an admirable internship and a shady few years of bartending, Sarah jumps into the investigation a bit too eagerly. Now Rory has to research the lawsuit before the blockbuster hits the big screen, defend his boss from a murder and keep Sarah from doing something so far over the edge of legal that could get them both thrown out of the firm and possibly into jail.

Write to Die is a fascinating romp through the court system. The mystery of who killed Joe Stanton is well played and was impossible for me to figure out until the last few pages. The clues were all there, it was just a matter of connecting all the dots. Much to my delight, I did not figure it out until the last chapters.

Rosenberg writes the story with a noir flavor set in modern day. The “good ‘ol boy” mentality of the film studio and law firm was very reminiscent of a noir story of the 1950’s. But, if you are not a noir fan, no worries, the modern day setting as well as the antics of Sarah will pull you back into a world with cell phones and tracking devices.

The characters were interesting and well-developed. Pieces of back ground and history were fed to the reader in small bits so as not to overwhelm the actual story. It was like getting to know an acquaintance who soon

became a friend. By the end of the book, some of them were close friends of mine, but a few had secrets that I am dying to find out. Maybe I will find out in the next book with these characters. I certainly hope there is a sequel.

It is always delightful for a reader to find a new author he or she likes. The smart, easy to read dialog and story Rosenberg gives us makes the book interesting and a fast read. This is his fourth book. He is a practicing lawyer in LA, which allows him to add realism to Write To Die that keeps the readers involved and interested in how the trial as well as the personal relationships are going to work out.

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