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Book Review: Dating Death by Randy Rawls – We Get By on a Little Help from our Friends

Dating deathDating Death

By Randy Rawls

309 pages

Beth Bowman, private investigator takes on jobs to help out the Coral Lakes, Florida police department along with her other PI work. But when Chief Elston calls her with a strange request, she hesitates to help him. Worried that the job of guarding a crooked politician under the guise of being his new girlfriend will be more trouble than the pay is worth, she is reluctant to agree. After discussing the plan with her current boyfriend, Dr. David Rasmussen, she decides babysitting the obnoxious man will be worth it in the end because she will also help the Chief investigate the politician to see if they can get enough dirt on him to take him down and stop drug trafficking in their city.

Chief and Beth are attempting to gather information that they believe City Councilman Roger Adamson has that will take down a local drug lord and his operation. At the same time, Adamson may be the target of the bad guys as they try to keep him quiet.

Bowman is competent and beautiful, but this time she might have bitten off more than she can chew. Bullets fly and bodies drop, luckily Bowman isn’t one of them- yet. She needs to leave the job the Chief asked her to do and go into hiding as it becomes clear someone is now after her.

At first she is afraid. Even the most seasoned veterans of the force would be. Then she gets mad. Furious. And decides something has to be done to put a stop to the insanity. With the help of her friends, who happen to be homeless, she jumps from the frying pan into the fire because it is her only option. Will she lose her boyfriend, her friends and possibly her life?

Dating Death is a fast-paced mystery with as many twists and turns as Lombard Street. Rawls masterfully puts the heroine of his story in the thick of things, holding her feet to the flames as the story heats up. I held my breath more than once as I read as fast as I could to see if and how my favorite characters were going to get out of the jam they were in.

I loved the depth of the characters Rawls created. Bowman was multidimensional and interesting, sometimes making crazy choices that turned out bad just like every person has at one time or another. The bad guys were spine-chilling, a few of them made my skin crawl, especially Homer. Ironically later in the plot, I kind of liked the creep – again kudos to Rawls. The residents of the homeless shelter were unique and had enough backstory to make them interesting, but not too much to take away from the movement of the storylines.

This is the first book I’ve read by Randy Rawls, and the second one in his Beth Bowman Private Investigator series. It was easily read as a stand-alone novel. Rawls, a retired career Army officer (thank you for your service!) has written several other books. Most of them are mystery series, and one is a historical novel. I like the way he tells a story and plan to read more of his work soon.

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