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Where’s George? I dunno – I cannot tell the lie to find out


Did you ever get one of the dollar bills with this stamp on it? I have, and it is fun to see how many miles, states and countries it may have traveled to, but I haven’t gone to the website in ages.

One of our friends sent me a picture of this bill that he found last week in some change at work. He suggested I blog about it. Great idea, because it is day 18 of Nablopomo and the ideas after a day at work aren’t always easy to come by.

Besides, it is interesting to go to the website and poke around. There are tabs with links like cool facts about money as well as blog forums. Some people must be more than a little interested in these bills. Obsession might be creeping in on some of the posts. But hey, it is a harmless hobby so go for it!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to track this one and let you all know about it. Nope, not happening, no way. If you don’t have it in your possession, you can’t track it.

It appears to be a default to immediately time stamp and zip code registration of the entry so if you tell the truth and tell them you don’t have it, then it says HALT! (ok, a bit nicer) and you can’t go further. The site doesn’t want to mess up the time/place integrity of the bill.

Kinda cool but creepy at the same time. So now I’m on the hunt for one that will actually be in my possession so I can crack the security and enter the number to play the game of where the bill has been. Since I didn’t want the dollar police to give me any guff, I blacked out the serial number on this bill so that no one is tempted to cheat the system.

Per the “No Possession Notice” ┬áit states: “Also, please do not enter bills you may have seen in advertisements or other websites. The purpose of this site is to track the natural circulation of real currency; the purpose is NOT to enter every serial number you may find on bills that you do not actually possess.”

I’ll let you know if and when that happens. Although since I rarely pay with cash, it may take a year or so.




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