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NaBloPoMo – A Walk Down Memory Lane

I was reading some of the blog posts for NaBloPoMo   and came across this one by Cyn Donnelly about old photographs. ( http://www.blogher.com/myprofile/cynd ). She got me thinking about the boxes of old photos I have of my grandparents on both sides as well as most of my parent’s pictures. They are not as organized as I would like, but we have spent a few nostalgic afternoons with my aunts and dad making sure names, places and events are on the back of them so that the next generation will know who is in each of them.

I thought I’d take a look on my laptop to see what pics I have and one of the oldest is this one:

Weston st

It was taken out in front of the house we lived in from the time I was 3 until I got married. My little brother was six years younger than me, so I assume I was eleven and he was five here. I know by my hair (I know, it looks like an old lady by I was growing out a short cut!) that was wasn’t in middle school yet.

I have no idea why we were dressed up and wearing corsages. It had to be summer because the canna lily behind us is in full bloom. My grandma gave mom the bulbs to plant, so whenever I see them I think of her.

If you look closely in the screen of the porch you can see the porch swing that my dad made. I’ve talked about it before, so sorry if this is repetitive so some. I love, love, love this swing. Many summer afternoons and evenings were spent on it while reading or talking to friends. My dad gave it to me and it is still my favorite spot to sit outside to read, relax or knit.


Thanks Cyn for the walk down memory lane.


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