WIP Wednesday – Time to Tidy Up

This week I finished the yellow and blue blanket, and tucked it into a Ziploc bag to keep it clean and dog hairless until someone needs a blanket for a baby boy. blue and yellow blanket completed 6.7.15

My possum shawl is coming along. Starting last week I went on summer hours at work, so instead of an hour for lunch, I only have a 1/2 hour. That is fine with me because I get off earlier. But that cuts my work knitting time in 1/2, so I’ve been doing 2 rows a day. It will be done soon, but probably not this week. No pics, it really hasn’t changed much since last week.

Now on to the big project related to yarn this week. I clean out my ridiculously messy yarn/sewing closet. For the last six months, instead of putting the yarn away that I’ve ordered, I have just been chucking the boxes in the closet. It was making me crazy, but apparently not crazy enough to tidy up.

sewing room 2 before sewing room 1 before

You can see it was out of control. I fully expected to open the door one day and have a yarn monster attack me with a shiny set of addi turbos. Since it was a rainy weekend, I decided it was time to find the floor in there again. I pulled everything out of it except the file cabinets and went to work. The cabinets have sewing and knitting patterns in them as well as my knitting magazines. Mea hung around until I loaded up the bed the rest of the way with bins of yarn.

sewing room 1 Mea

After emptying all of the yarn bins, I organized them by fiber or type such as baby yarn and cotton. The special yarns I’ve ordered I keep in Ziploc bags hung by pants hangers, sometimes with the project pattern with it as well. That way they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

sewing room 2 after sewing room 1 after sewing room 3 after

Now Β I can see what I have and there is room for both dogs to follow me in to look for yarn for my next project. They think they should go wherever I go, so both were exceedingly happy that the floor was no longer cluttered with yarn. I am banning myself from yarn shops unless there is a specific color or type of yarn that I absolutely have to get that isn’t available in my stash.

The only job I have left is organizing the separate patterns I have downloaded or pulled from magazines. I purchased some plastic expandable folders and am sorting them by type. As soon as I am finished they will go into the files with the magazines. I also want to add all of my books and magazines to Ravelry, but that is a job that might not be done until fall.

As for this week’s projects, I am going to work in my shawl and maybe even finish it πŸ™‚ and make a “no-sew” tutu for my cousin’s little girl.


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9 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Time to Tidy Up

  1. Ohβ€”well done Laura, well done. Three cheers, all the way from Canada, for your fine new space!

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  2. What a delightful post. I am so happy to see all the organization you have done and I feel so much better after seeing all the yarn you have. I have at least twice the equivalent in fabric. All (almost) in clear tubs so I can find what I want but it’s still a ways from being well organized. You how it is when you move, you just put stuff away to get it of the floor. I’m inspired!

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    • Tks! I used to have a lot of fabric, but I don’t sew much anymore. I make up for it with yards and yards of yarn.:)

      I like clear bins also so that I can see what is there without opening every one.

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  3. Great job on organizing! LOVE the ‘using slacks hangers’ to hold yarn bags! Room looks much heater – a bit of ‘yarn envy’ going on looking at your ‘stash’, but mine’s plenty big for me (said NO knitter/crocheter EVER!). The baby boy blanket looks lovely!

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    • Thanks! At least I can see what I have and what I might need (nothing at this point!! LOL). I honestly can’t remember where I heard the tip about using those hangers, but I do love it. If I see the yarn, I am more likely to use it! πŸ™‚

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  4. Looks great, Laura! … gotta ❀ a neat 'n tidy yarn closet! πŸ™‚ β™₯ ❀

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