Goodbye 2014 – Hello New Projects

Lately it seems as though I’ve been focusing more on the “write” in the writeknit of my blog. I have been knitting and crocheting also, but haven’t shared on my blog. So, here goes:
Once a year I like to look back and take stock of all the projects I’ve completed the previous year. Sometimes the days slip into weeks that turn into months and it feels as though I haven’t accomplished much when the new year rolls around. I suppose there really isn’t a burning need to actually accomplish anything, but somehow it matters to me.
If you are a knitter, crocheter or other fiber artist, projects can be quick, take months or languish in a tote bag waiting to be finished. For instance, I have a wonderful fast knitting bulky sweater 3/4 complete. I started it January 2014. It should have been done months ago, I only have the sleeves and top ribbing to complete. But…I don’t like how the sleeves are working up. I’ve made 1/2 a sleeve twice, but still not happy. It is on my project list for 2015 to complete. Actually, I hope to work on it this weekend. We’ll see how that works out – “the best laid plans” and all that. Maybe I should just sign Happy Birthday to it since I’ve been working on it a year 🙂
Brown sweater Jan 2014
I also have an afghan that I started in March. I had lofty plans of completing not only one, but three of these for Christmas. HA! It is a great take along project (squares) but I don’t see myself finishing the first one anytime soon. It will be on my list for this year, but honestly, I suspect it will be bumped to the bottom as it was in 2014.
No pictures of these – I’ll hold off on sharing until after they are gifted.
Enough about what I didn’t finish – here are the projects that were completed. Other than the sweater, I started off simple and easy. I needed another dishcloth so I made one mid-January. It is nice to whip up something you need on a wintery afternoon using stash yarn.
I got some fabulous yarn for Christmas, a silk and cashmere blend, and made myself a scarf. I love the color and it is as soft as a cloud. The pattern was Feather and Fan Short Scarf by Kelly Faller (free on Ravelry) that I modified making it narrower and longer than the original pattern. I love it 🙂
Purple scarf 2014
For my Great Aunt and Cousin I completed lace scarves out of wool for my Aunt using‘s pattern Silkwing Scarf. For the life of me I can’t remember what pattern I used for my cousin’s scarf, it is a cotton/nylon blend. But it is soft and warm and allergy free so I was pleased with the results. 
 Deb scarf Christmas 2014
Baby blankets are always a part of my yearly yarning. This year was no exception. Two of the gals at work commissioned specific blankets for new members of their families. Both chose the same pattern ( Shells Baby Afghan by Beverly A. Qualheim ) when I gave them the options. This is my “go-to” pattern. It is quick, easy and crochets up really nicely. It can be made over a weekend if you are in a pinch, but don’t count on getting much else done 🙂 I also used this pattern for a new grandson of my good friends. I also used this pattern for a blanket for a little girl I knew that moved away, grew up to be a beautiful woman with a little girl of her own and a boy on the way. This is my way of sending a hug to Texas for her little boy who will be arriving soon.
The last 2 blankets I made were for twin boys – grandsons of a friend at work. This pattern was a simple granny square, made a bit smaller as they were born early and big blankets would have swallowed them whole. 
Hats, hats, nothing but hats! My middle son’s friend saw a baby aviator hat and fell in love with it. My son asked me if I could make one for her son-to-be. I searched Ravelry and found Christins from My Sweet Potato 3 ‘s pattern for a Pilot/Aviator hat. It turned out really cute. Little Cooper even had pictures taken in it by the photographer at the hospital. It made me happy to make this new mom happy 🙂
Then I saw something about the NICU Challenge. You  agree to complete 12 baby hates to donate to a local NICU unit.                                 Nicu hat #6
Nicu hat #9Perfect way for me to give back a little bit to some of the smallest humans. Baby hats knit or crochet up quickly. By the end of the challenge I had 17 hats ready to go. After emailing my local hospitals (without response) I remembered my best friend’s sister is a NICU nurse in a neighboring town. We connected and I sent them with her for the babies. An interesting side note, she asked for some bigger sizes also as they not only care for preemies, but full term babies with medical problems.So I made an array of sizes and styles. Like prayer shawls, good wishes and prayers for each child and parent are part of each completed hat. If you are interested – get more info from  Nicu hat #11Nicu Bear Hat
​On to 2015! Because I love making these little hats, I am going to continue making a few a week all year. I found an adorable bunny pattern,  Easy Bunny Hat ​ by JT Creations. When I sent a picture to the nurse that works in the NICU she asked if I could make 20 so the babies can all be dressed like bunnies on Easter morning. I’m loving the picture in my head of them all in bunny hats! Bunnies all around!!
Nicu bunny hat
Today one of the girls that had me make a baby afghan for her new nephew has another nephew on the way and asked for a blanket for him. So that will move to the top of my list as soon as she decides on the colors she wants me to use.
​I’ve ordered some beautiful yarn to make a scarf for myself. It should be delivered soon, so I am excitedly looking for a pattern that is perfect for the yarn and me.  ​I might finish one of the afghans started last year, but not too confident about that.  I found a great source of wool from local harvest. I’m thinking a warm every day cardigan. We’ll see how that works out. The best laid plans in January are often pipe dreams by December 🙂
You can track my projects on Ravelry. I’m writeknit.



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4 responses to “Goodbye 2014 – Hello New Projects

  1. I LOVED the lacy scarves! And the hats were just too adorable for words!! I wear lots of hats because of the Bells. I even wear one to bed. Thank goodness I sleep alone. It’s quite a sight. I have projects stacked up too, like flights in bad weather at JFK airport. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you get done this year. Never enough time and I’m RETIRED! You’ll get there.

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  2. It looks like you’ve been busy with your needlework, Laura. You do beautiful work. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What you talkin’ about? It looks like you accomplished so many. 😀 For many to appreciate too, and they all look successfully done. That first one though actually looks like the best one with multiple patterns and colors. I hope you do et to continue it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Indeed, your knitting year 2014 was time well spent! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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