Blogging 101 Here I Come!

I’ve been known to do things backwards. Who doesn’t like to eat dessert first? 100_5070I might not be hungry for it after the veggies and grilled chicken. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I took Writing 101 first (loved it BTW!!!) and am taking Blogging 101 now.

The reason I decided to do Blogging 101 are pretty straight forward.

  • Even though I’ve been blogging a couple of years, there is always, always room for improvement
  • I started out with one blog (writeknit) and wrote about my writing and my knitting/crocheting
  • Not wanting to confuse my readers, I split the original blog into 2 creating and moving the posts about writing, including book reviews to that blog
  • After Writing 101 I had LOTS more followers on writeknit, so decided to at least reblog the reviews to this blog also
  • Since my blog was about 2 different topics, my theme really needs work

So in a nutshell, I a tend to jump in with both feet and ask questions later. But suggestions are welcome and learning new things is essential to growth. Here I am hoping to learn and share with all of you.



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4 responses to “Blogging 101 Here I Come!

  1. As a redhead, you are born to be impulsive and passionate! Go girl! I love to eat desert first, too. I look forward to being in Blogging 101 with you.


  2. Thanks for following and as a classmate, we can learn from each other. I’m following you as well. I don’t knit but I write because I must and do everything backward as well. I’m an “eat dessert first” kinda girl too. Sometimes, “instead”. Blogging for almost 3 years and still so much to learn. I learn a lot from fellow bloggers which is what keeps me blogging. It’s in the learning that I have the most fun. Looking forward to our next visit. Hugs.


  3. Way to go! You can never stop learning! Be sure to post any useful tips! 😉


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