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Writing 101 day 7: The old one and the young one

Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

She slowly rose from the low bed, grumbling and grousing without opening her mouth. Her hair used to be as black as onyx, but somehow turned white practically over night. Blue eyes, once clear enough to see even when the dusk of the evening claimed the sky, have gone milky with cataracts, making them water in the morning sun.

Her breakfast, the usual stuff with a pill chaser was waiting patiently while her arthritic legs carried her to the kitchen. Just as she bent her head to begin her meal the young one grabbed it instead.

Jumping, hoping, sassy mouth yapping the young one boldly grabbed part of her meal. Why even snap or snarl at her when she didn’t listen anyway? The young one had bright eyes and enough energy for both of them, she was always ready to run, play and bother anyone that couldn’t keep up with the antics only youth can pull off without breaking a bone. Or two.

Moving to the yard, the young one chases birds and squirrels and toads. The old one saunters over to the shade for a nap.

“How is my favorite girl?” the woman asks, giving the old one a hug.

Afternoon nap Indy and Mea

The young one runs over to steal some attention, as if to say, “Me! me! Look at ME!”

“I love you both,” says the woman. “My best old girl, you have to teach this one some manners.”

The old one sighs with contentment, basking in the love she feels from hand smoothing down her hair. She allows the young one to snuggle by her side. The woman is right, the young one could learn a trick or two from her, and wasn’t only it yesterday she was the young one?


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