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Writer Victory!—Turn Over the Future & Focus on What We CAN Control

How many times do I have to hear Get Serious! before I actually pay attention? I guess I’m a slow learner. But maybe I need to start blogging my progress to get a schedule rolling 🙂

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Image via Flickr Creative Commons courtesy of Mr. Muggles. Image via Flickr Creative Commons courtesy of Mr. Muggles.

We’ve been working through an Author Acrostic the past few posts. Why? Because a zillion craft books and workshops can’t do it. We can be the most talented writer the world has ever seen, yet go to our graves with no one ever knowing our names. How? This job is as much about our hearts and minds as it is our hands. This profession is largely mental. We’re athletes of the mind. We have to train our will along with our skill.

V was for Voluntarily Submit. I was for Identify Problem Areas. C was for Change Your Mind.

Today, we are on T.

T is for—Turn Over the Future.As professionals, it is key to cast our care and keep our responsibilities. Too many writers waste valuable time on crap they can’t control, all the while ignoring what…

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