Whatcha Doing Wednesday #5

Knitting and Crocheting goals First Monthly Update

Weekly snipits have giving you an idea to my projects. I decided to pull in my list of goals from the first of the year to help you and mostly me remember where I am and what I have to get working on.

1) I will attempt to complete the Knitting Guild of American’s hand knit masters’s program this year. I’ve already downloaded the new instructions (they change slightly each year) and will make Monday’s blog entry an update day. Master’s Mondays will start to appear the first Monday of January. I’ve completed one swatch – #3 and have done some research to answer the questions associated with this swatch. 

Master's Swatch #3 Seed Stitch

2) I will complete the Fan Throw I began working on Jan 1 for my girlfriend’s birthday on February 1. Originally I was going to make her a shawl, but decided on a throw instead.  Done!!!Nancy's throw (1)

3) Left over projects on my 2012 goal list need to be completed. Namely the alpaca hat and buffalo mittens (which may change to a helix scarf because I would wear that way more than mittens). I would be remiss if I left off the third pair of socks that I didn’t complete last year. I have issues making things for myself. They always get pushed to the end of my lists of things to do. All three of these projects are for me, so hopefully I’ll get them done and you won’t see them on my list of goals for 2014. The mittens became the helix scarf I am working on. I like the way the bison yarn is working up. Should be done before the end of February. The  pair of socks are cast on and ready to travel with me on vacation next week 🙂 hanging buffalo

4) Two baby blankets must be completed by April for the little boy that is dueI’ve ordered the yarn for one of these blankets  and picked out the pattern that I will probably use. 

5) Assorted Christmas projects. I am not sure yet what Christmas projects I want to tackle. One will most likely be an afghan or throw for my cousin. The problem I see is I have 2 cousins so should make them each one this year. This makes the goal even a bit crazier, but what the heck, this is January and I’ve ordered the yarn for one of them already. No progress here 🙂

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