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Work in Progress_Baby Blanket Update

Happy Sunday night. Here’s my week end (not to be confused with weekend) update regarding my works in progress.

I’ve been focusing on the baby blanket for my new little neighbor. Absolutely no progress on any other project, so I won’t bore you with listing them.

I hoped to have this blanket done by this weekend but it just didn’t happen. We are moving the corporate offices at work and are so busy it is crazy. I’ve missed breaks and have been taking shorter lunches and/or have meetings that have preempted my anticipated progress.

It is over half done though. I’ve got to finish the wide band of blue I am working on, add one more set of yellow, white and yellow, then the final band of blue and border to complete the project. Hopefully that will be sometime this week.

I’ve also received two books to review, so I am splitting my time between reading and crocheting while I am at home. If I could figure out how to knit or crochet while reading, I’d be much more productive.

Off I go to finish the laundry and get ready for the work week.

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