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Silly Knitting – Do You Dare?

Do you ever knit something silly? I understand it takes time away from serious knitting and it is ok with me if you never feel silly, but I do. Often.

I like the comics much better than front page news. Yes, I read both, but how can you not say the comics make you feel better than the real news more times than not?

Anyway. The silliest thing I ever knit was the snowman vest for my son. I talked about it on a previous post, but it still makes me smile, so skip ahead a bit if this is a rerun for you. Whenever I got a new knit magazine in the mail, I’d point out the men modeling sweaters to my 29 year-old son because he always made fun of them. His contention was none of them wanted them to wear the sweaters (which were perfectly nice, just not for him). This went on for several months. He used to ask me to look and see if they had a Snowman Christmas vest. That is what he wanted.

So the next January I was on the hunt for the pattern I found a plain vest, then found a silly snowman that I made into a pattern for the front. This joke took me MONTHS to make. But as you can see, it was complete and under the tree for him that Christmas!

If you feel like making something silly, give this website a try. I am really fond of the Elvis wig! Maybe I need to cast on another silly knit for Santa to give this year 🙂

Knitted Elvis Wig Pattern


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