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Dangerously Crafting

This has been a great crocheting week, a not so great knitting week. Knitting is much more challenging to me. Maybe because knitting involves using two really pointy sticks that could poke my eye out at any moment, and crocheting involves one safely curved hook. I daresay I could skewer my eyeball with a crochet hook like a tomato on a shish-kabobbed cherry tomato if I chose to run while working on a blanket or scarf, but it seems unlikely.

But knitting needles are crafty daggers just waiting for a false move on my part. The element of danger ratchets the gentle art of knitting up a notch, sending my heart rate into high alert just in case. The horror film of my crafting adventures has never included actual blood except in my short stories.

I once wrote a flash fiction piece where the husband of the victim used her knitting needles to turn her into a corpse.

Back to my progress, terribly sorry for going down a dark road during an oncoming thunderstorm when I should have been innocently updating my Works In Progress.

Here goes! The snowflake afghan is going along so well, I may be done before Thanksgiving. I’ve completed 40 of the 50 squares, and have them all sewn into strips. This is very exciting to me, because I am truly getting tired of working on it. I still like the pattern and it is turning out well, but I’ll be happy when this project is over.

Regarding the last baby blanket I was going to start because the new little neighbor was due to be born sometime in October had to be moved up in the cue. We got home from running errands over the weekend and there was a sign on the door announcing the birth of their new son. Uh oh.

I grabbed my crochet hook and started working on the blanket right away. I’m making great progress because I am using the same pattern I’ve used for several of the others and could work on it in my sleep. But being mindful of the dangers with hooks and needles, I will remain awake and vigilant until my task is complete.

Hopefully I’ll zip along quickly and finish the baby afghan by this weekend. If work and life doesn’t get in the way, I am on schedule and up to the task.

The Mystery Shawl Knit-a-long has stalled. My dad is staying with us for a while and it is too hard to chat and count without messing up. In a contest of who I love best, Dad beats the pants off of my mystery shawl, so it will languish unloved until I have time to pay a little more attention to it.

The bison mittens, alpaca hat, socks and whatever else I need to finish before the holidays will come along soon. Right now I am working triage, and the crocheted blanket and afghan need my immediate attention (yes, after Dad!).

All in all, not a bad week as far as progress goes. And no one got hurt.

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