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Accidental knitter

There are many reasons I knit and many more why I don’t. The main reasons I don’t are¬†obligations that come first. Of course my family and their needs come first. Husband, sons, daughter-in-laws, my dad and¬†occasionally some assorted aunts, uncles and cousins need or want part of my time, of which I happily (in almost all cases) give.

Then there is the list of not so fun things that keep me from knitting. Work (have to pay for yarn!), cleaning (have to be able to find said yarn) and grocery shopping (a woman has to keep up her strength to carry boxes of yarn in when UPS drops them off).

Once all of these have been attended to – I have a bit of free time. I can choose to knit, read, play on the internet, blog or work on my longer pieces of writing.

Often I choose knitting because it is relaxing, progress is satisfying and when I am done I often have gift to give someone I love (reference paragraph #1!). I take an easy project to work for break and lunch. The current take along project is the scarf I am making for one of my peeps for Christmas. It is not a challenging pattern so is perfect for working on during our lively lunchtime conversations. Check out my progress below:


My weekends are really full with fun and not so fun stuff so I don’t usually have more than an hour or so to work on the more challenging scarf pattern that I’ve been talking about forever. Accidentally, I now have hours to work on my scarf at home. Last Monday I somehow managed to fall down several steps. Nothing was on the stairs, the dog was not in my way. I dunno – I just twisted my ankle walking down the steps I’ve walked down thousands of times for no reason at all.

After limping around a day, and a sleepless night a trip to the ER was in order. A few hours, Xrays and crutches later, I was back home to ice, elevate and stay off my sprained foot. A trip to the doc later in the week confirmed the sprain and added torn ligaments to the mix. Minimal walking was prescribed for 6-7 weeks.

No cleaning, hardly any cooking and lots of time sitting in my chair with an elevated icy foot makes for a great environment for guilt-free knitting. So, I am a bit sheepishly happy to show the progress on the dreaded shawl. I haven’t worked on anything else on my list of projects other than decide to order some new yarn for my swatches for the Master Knitter’s Program.


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