Project updates

I don’t know about you, but I get bogged down in the details. Will the yarn be soft if I order it without the “feel test”? How about the pattern? I can look hours for the perfect pattern and still second guess myself. Sometimes the perfect pattern is difficult to obtain.

For instance, this week I found the cutest baby sweater pattern that would look absolutely fabulous on my adorable 6 month old cousin. I HAVE to have this pattern! The problem came in when I found it on a website that is entirely in French. Hum, that could be trouble for me, English only speaker. Good news is I can order the PDF in English. Bad news is I have to figure out on the website to actually order it. AND it wasn’t on my project list so I guess the list is growing instead of shrinking and it has only been a week!

Here are my project updates:

2 Baby boy afghans – The yarn is in the mail! Ordered wonderful KnitPicks Brava in baby blue, yellow and white. Haven’t decided if both will be all three colors or one will be all blue. Time will tell.
Snowflake afghan – 21 of 59 squares completed as of today
Pr socks –  haven’t thought of this project at all
Hat – ditto the socks
Shawl – this is dicey – if you’ve been following my blog, I’ve been messing around with this shawl for over a month. Still not all that happy, but will try and carry on.
Mystery Shawl – received the beautiful hand dyed yarn. Will wind it this weekend and plan to purchase the beads at Midwest Stitches next weekend.
Possible add in projects: the delightful baby sweater, a felted lunchbag (fast, fun and useful!) and a few dishcloths (hubby was complaining about sponges, so I am throwing all of them out and going with homemade)
Master’s program – neverending….
Now to step away from the keyboard and pick up some needles 🙂

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  1. i agree with the needing a touch test! I have the hardest time deciding if I want to order a yarn without touching it. I wish more companies would offer little sample cards with a bit of the yarn on a card you can reference! Good luck with your wip list! I know the feeling mine is always long too!


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