Shawl Crazy

The work continues on that crazy shawl for my girlfriend’s birthday. The pattern is really pretty, the fiber and color just right. It is a fairly difficult lace pattern, every other row has to be counted and pattern followed without interruption. There are basically no repeats in the pattern because you are increasing every other row and every 18th  row adding another  diamond to the pattern.

The problem arises during breaks and lunch at work – my main knitting time – is with my girlfriends and we also like to talk. And talk. And talk. I have given up working on it there because I’ve had to rip out and/or fix way too many rows to be productive.

The good news is I have the snowflake afghan I am working on also. It is portable and easy to work on while talking.

The bad news is I don’t think I can get this one done before my drop dead date. Should I begin yet ANOTHER shawl for my girlfriend and finish this one for my other girlfriend whose birthday is after the first of the year?

Decisions….and to add fun to the mix, I need to make 2, count them 2 more baby blankets for little boys expected in October. Doesn’t anyone have girls anymore? I have some beautiful yarn in my stash for a baby girl blanket. But, looking at the bright side, I do love to buy new yarn!

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