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Giveaway: I’m Knitting For You

Check out these adorable dolls!!

Giveaway: I’m Knitting For You.

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Confessions of a Fiber Freak

So I got an email from KnitPicks today offering up to  40% off of sock yarns. I’d have to be crazy to order more sock yarn when I have enough to make a dozen pair in my stash. Yet – what harm is it to look…. a quick look at sock yarn proved I do have a bit of will power left. Unfortunately, they had other yarns on sale also.
Even though my stash overfloweth, I absolutely, positively do not have enough baby blue in the entire closet to make the 2 baby afghans I need to have completed by September. And, in my own defense, the new Brava acrylic is super soft and great to work with. It’s only $2.99 a 100 gram ball and since I need it, I may as well order enough for 2 blankets and get started.
That brings me to my next problem. If I spend $50 I get free shipping. Hum, pay about $10 to ship or spend the same amount of money and get more yarn? Who, I ask you, WHO would NOT get the extra yarn??? Besides, they have a beautiful Chroma on clearance – it would make a yummy scarf or shawl…..
Ok, I’ll admit it. I love to buy yarn, work with yarn, give gifts made of yarn – I’m a Fiber Freak. There, now that it is in the open, I feel much, much better.
But just because I am a Fiber Freak, that does not mean I am not productive – it just means I’ll have enough yarn to work with when I retire in 10 years or so without worrying. I’ll stash shop. Meanwhile, I have a few projects that need to be completed before the snow flies. Or at least before Santa leaves the North Pole this year.
To keep me honest, I’ll list them below and give you all updates once a week or so.
2 Baby boy afghans – both need to be completed by early fall, so more than likely I will crochet them as I can do that faster with a shell pattern that looks more complicated than it really is.
Snowflake afghan – Christmas gift and Ravelry KAL (or I guess CAL) – progress so far: 16 of 59 squares completed as of today
Pr socks –  to win a bet that I wouldn’t make 3 pr this year.
Hat – made from the super soft alpaca I bought on vacation in Oregon this spring – for me!
Shawl – this is dicey – if you’ve been following my blog, I’ve been messing around with this shawl for over a month. Still not all that happy, but will try and carry on.
Mystery Shawl – seemed like fun, this will start in September
Other than continuing to work on the Master’s program, I think this about sums it up. I reserve the right to add projects as they come up 🙂

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Shawl Crazy

The work continues on that crazy shawl for my girlfriend’s birthday. The pattern is really pretty, the fiber and color just right. It is a fairly difficult lace pattern, every other row has to be counted and pattern followed without interruption. There are basically no repeats in the pattern because you are increasing every other row and every 18th  row adding another  diamond to the pattern.

The problem arises during breaks and lunch at work – my main knitting time – is with my girlfriends and we also like to talk. And talk. And talk. I have given up working on it there because I’ve had to rip out and/or fix way too many rows to be productive.

The good news is I have the snowflake afghan I am working on also. It is portable and easy to work on while talking.

The bad news is I don’t think I can get this one done before my drop dead date. Should I begin yet ANOTHER shawl for my girlfriend and finish this one for my other girlfriend whose birthday is after the first of the year?

Decisions….and to add fun to the mix, I need to make 2, count them 2 more baby blankets for little boys expected in October. Doesn’t anyone have girls anymore? I have some beautiful yarn in my stash for a baby girl blanket. But, looking at the bright side, I do love to buy new yarn!

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First Giveaway – Travelling Roses Scarf

Check out this gorgeous scarf SingleStitch is giving away!


First Giveaway – Travelling Roses Scarf.

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