For the last 4 weeks I have been busy as a bee crocheting baby blankets. The first was talked up in my Triage post. I have been so busy making this one and the other three – one for my daughter-in-law’s friend, 2 for a grandma to be at work for her anticipated twin baby grandsons.

I like to crochet, but I LOVE to knit. I’ve been thinking about getting a new knitting project in my hands the whole time I worked on these 4 blankets. Should I start the last pair of socks I have to knit this year to win a bet with a friend of mine? (She bet I wouldn’t use the yarn I bought for socks – despite the large number of balls of sock yarn I have languishing in my stash closet. So the bet was made that I would/wouldn’t make 3 pr this year. Two down, one to go.)

Should I start the hat I am making myself out of the yummy baby alpaca I bought on vacation last May? Or maybe whip up the tea cozy I want to finish before the move at work in the fall? Wait! Maybe I better get moving on the Master Knitter’s Program that I have procrastinated instead of produced.

So many patterns, such a huge stash and so little time..

Ok, settled on a shawl for my girlfriend’s bday. I chose the yarn – a warm umber tonal from Knit Picks. So far, so good. Now for the pattern. I found one that I loved the look of, but the pattern itself was very poorly written. I didn’t trust it to be correct. That is alot of  work to get to the lace trim on a triangle shawl and find out the pattern is jacked up. So, plan B – just use the pattern I really liked that I made for my girlfriend Jeanne. I frogged the 15 or so rows of first choice and started second choice. Not smart on my part – beginning at work while everyone is chatting at lunch. Got off on my count and frogged it after 10 rows. My heart just wasn’t in it.

Let’s begin 3rd choice – nope, still not happy. What is my problem? I am enjoying the knitting process, but NOT happy with the patterns I am finding. Sooooooooo on to pattern 4. I think I am happy now. I’ll report back on progress tomorrow after work. Perhaps I’ll even have a picture  – hopefully not a pair of empty needles!

Meantime, here are the baby blankets. 🙂 

Donita’s baby blanket


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