It was crunch time for the basket weave baby blanket, and due to a comedy of errors – most of them my fault – plans changed then changed again.

I finished the first ball of yarn, and when up to my stash to retrieve the next ball when I discovered I grabbed the wrong color when I started. In my defense, I was debating between two blues, one of them more aqua, one leaning towards green. I bought the aqua and promptly forgot and started with the greenish blue.

Not wanting to tear out the entire ball and start again, I decided to cast on with one size larger needles with the aqua so it would work up quicker since it is only 2 weeks until the shower. I worked 2 days on the aqua blanket and didn’t like the pattern at all with larger needles. the weave was not defined and just looked messy to me.

So plan C came into play. While I LOVE the process of knitting, it does take longer than crocheting when I am the one creating the piece. Tuesday morning I began the blanket. It was completed yesterday. The pattern worked up very quickly (obviously). I used the Stacked Shells Blanket pattern by Beverly A Qualheim – available on Ravelry. I used a 121 st chain instead of the 145 called for in the pattern. The new Brava acrylic yarn from Knit Picks made up soft and quick with a size I hook.

Yesterday I started another blanket for another baby boy’s shower that is YIKES!!!! this Saturday. Need to get off of the computer and get crocheting!

Here is a pic of the first one.

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