World Book Night a Blast!!

I found out the next best thing to reading a good book is giving away a case of good books! I warmed up with people I knew at work. Gave out a few and everyone was excited.

The place where I planned to give them away got changed at the last minute. I have O- blood. As a universal donor, Heartland  Blood Center calls me often, and over the weekend they called with an urgent need for O- so I went right after work on Monday, World Book Night. I figured, what the heck, may as well give blood and books at the same time. Too bad it wasn’t a vampire novel…

I carried in as many as I could and started handing them out right away. The gal behind the desk said she didn’t read much, but it looked really good and she was going to give it a try. YES!!! Everyone was so excited it was really, really fun. Picture me reclining in the donor chair, squeezing the koosh ball to keep my blood flowing out, handing a book to each tech that passed me.

One young woman walked around with it under her arm, stopping every few minutes to read a page. 🙂

After I was finished, the volunteer in the back thanked me again for the book and asked more about World Book Night while I sipped my diet coke. A gentleman and teen started chatting and waited until I was done to go with me to the car to get their free book.

Thanks to World Book Night, Jodi Picoult for  waiving her royalties on the donated books (if you haven’t read My Sister’s Keeper, the book I gave away, you have to!!) , all the book publishers for making this possible And Anderson’s Books in Naperville for being a pick up spot.

Watch for next year’s give away and participate – it was awesome.


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