Change in plans

Have you ever done a project with someone in mind, finish it, then decide it will not be gifted to the original recipient? That just happened with the baby afghan I posted last week. The whole time I worked on it, I thought I was giving it to a girl in our office who is due in July. Even though it has lots of pastels, it just seems to say baby girl to me. I know there is a lovely blue integrated, but they yellows and pinks beg for a female recipient. The baby due at work is a boy – but I was determined to be open minded about the whole thing and still gift it to him.

Until this weekend. Our neighbor had a baby girl a few weeks ago. I didn’t know she was expecting, or I would have made a blanket for her. Maybe I did all along.

No one – least of all me – is surprised that I do not have the yarn I need in my stash to make a blanket for a boy. The blue afghan will be started as soon as I receive the sweet baby blue yarn I am ordering from Knit Picks when I get finished posting this. Watch for pics hopefully soon.



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