Welcome to my world

I write and knit, but not at the same time. Although I sometimes write in my head when I am knitting.

Short stories and book reviews at GenReview have been published. My new focus has been working on children’s stories. We’ll see how that goes.

Knitting, my other passion has kept my fingers busy when I am not typing. Although I’ve knitted for 45 years, lately I’ve been challenging myself a bit more and am contemplating trying the Master Knitter program. We’ll see.

Neither knitting nor writing is entered into without trepidation and excitement. I am contemplating my next projects both written and stitched, waiting for inspiration and energy to begin.


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2 responses to “Welcome to my world

  1. I have thought about the Master Knitting program too, and mentioned it out loud this past week at my knit group… 🙂 First time I made my thoughts public. We’ll see if that gives me any more of a push!


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